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Background Checks

Background Checks

Background checks relate to investigating an individual and is usually done for business reasons although it can also be instructed by private clients.

Corporate Clients

Most commonly used by companies and organisations, background checks are often required by private individuals.

Organisations request background checks on potential new employees wanting to verify their claims and check for any inconsistencies with their story. Background checks also often uncover information or activities that the person may be or have previously been involved with which could damage the organisation if the person is then hired.

A recent example of this was a UK based courier business who asked us to run background checks on a group of potential new employees. One person in particular, although looked totally respectable, had been posting offensive and racist content on internet forums. Needless to say, he was not offered the job.

Private individuals have often requested background checks on their new partner or their ex’s partner new relationship to ensure that their children, who will be looked after by the new partner, are not in any danger from a hidden past.

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