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Close Protection London – Booking Process

Booking Process

This page outlines the steps which can be taken to book private security and close protection officers.

The process of arranging and booking security can happen as quickly as is required by the client. We have had situations where, due to the nature of the circumstances the client has found themselves in, that close protection officers were needed in a matter of hours. Whilst this situation did limit some of the process, due to the severity of the situation the client found themselves in, it was arranged immediately.

Most clients however have more time to go through the process with us and in this situation there are clear steps we go through together.

Initial Call: The first point of contact with a client is usually when they call us to enquire about our services. In other circumstances we may meet a potential client at an event of some kind but usually the first point of contact is for us to discuss with the potential client who we are, what we do and why they should consider using our services.

Meeting: Once the initial contact has been made, in most cases we like to meet the client in person to discuss their circumstances in more details to ensure that we have fully understood their requirements.

From then we will either provide the client with a written proposal about the services we offer or go ahead and conduct a security audit.

Security Audit: A security audit is not always necessary for our clients but in the instance that it is required, we conduct an in-depth analysis (usually by one of our expert security consultants) to go through all security aspects required by the client so we are then able to provide a detailed written proposal of the services we can provide them.

Quotations: Our quotations are accompanied by our written proposal of the requirements of the customer. This will be provided either after the meeting or, if required, after a security audit.

Implementation: Once the amount of work is formally agreed then it simply a case of implementing the service.

For more information about the security services provided by Tacet Global please visit the dedicated webpage close protection London. The close protection London page has a form for clients to fill in to contact us.

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