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Close Protection London – Costs

Close Protection London - Costs

Pricing Due to the nature of close protection and security work, each clients has very specific circumstances and requirements. This means that there is no standard or fixed price for close protection and security services.

The first step towards establishing a price for a particular task or work is to have a security audit with either the Managing Director or, in more complex circumstances, one of our highly experienced security consultants.

This audit enables us to understand, in as much depth as possible, the exact circumstances and facts related to the person or place that requires security.

Once this is complete we will then supply the findings of the audit along with a range of possible solutions. These solutions will be accompanied by the relevant and associated costs so the client has an understanding as to what the price of the work would be.

However, there may also be aspects of variance when it comes to price dependant on particular factors. For example, it may be that a day rate is agreed for a particular number of hours for a CPO but in the instance of circumstances changing and the CPO needing to work for longer hours on a particular day would result in “overtime" for the operative. Whilst these circumstances may be highly unlikely, it’s important at the outset to ensure that all matters related to cost are agreed prior to and in advance of the work.

When it comes to costs, transparency and clarity prior to us commencing any work is a really important factor and something that we ensure is in place for all of our clients.

Payment: Payment terms are also always agreed prior to the commencement of any work. With existing and long standing clients we would, most likely, have an arrangement where a particular fee is payed either weekly or monthly. For new clients we may ask for a percentage of the overall fee in advance and the remainder over a period of time. 

However, as with the type of service we provide, agreements around payment can vary from client to client depending on their particular circumstances and the type of work required.  

The specific webpage close protection London has all the most relevant information on it about our security services. Click on close protection London for more information.

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