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Close Protection London – Vehicles

Close Protection London - Vehicles

Vehicles: We have access to a wide range of vehicles to suit the needs of our client and the available budget. Having worked with such a diverse range of clients we have the ability to suit the right vehicle to the right client.

Luxury Vehicles: A lot of clients will require the use of a high end or luxury vehicle for their work or personal use throughout their stay and working commitments in the UK. If the client is a resident of the UK then they may already have their own vehicle for use of the driver and CPO. Whatever the circumstances, high end vehicles can be sourced for the benefit of our clients. 

Security Vehicles: Should a client require a security team, beyond the need for a driver and CPO which will travel in the main vehicle with the principal, a suitable vehicle for the “back up team" can be sourced.

Usually the back up vehicle would be a type of SUV so that the they can see ahead of the principal’s vehicle and have better all round vision when on the move. 

Off Road Vehicles: Should we be tasked with a security operation which would require the use of “off road vehicles" then suitable arrangements can be sourced. An example of when off road vehicles can be required would be a residential security team based in the countryside. If the estate which was being protected was in a large rural location then 4×4 vehicles or even quad bikes and suitable motorbikes would be needed to cover large areas quickly and safely.

Please visit close protection London to find out about the close protection services we offer. The page close protection London has all information on it about we services we can provide.

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