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Close Protection Officers

Close Protection Officers

Close protection is available in London, across the UK and where necessary, around the world.

Security Teams

We are able to supply all aspects of mobile and residential security teams from a pool of qualified, experienced and specialist operatives with backgrounds in some of the UK’s elite military and police units.


Should a client only require a single close protection operative, then personal bodyguards can be provided in the UK and overseas.

Security Vehicles

Everything we do is tailored to the clients exacting needs and this can also include vehicles. Whether the client requires a luxury vehicle or even an armoured, bullet proof vehicle, this can be provided for the client.

Our operatives come from some of the UK’s elite military units such as the SAS, SBS, Parachute Regiment, Royal Marine Commandos and specialist close protection units within the Royal Military Police.

Outside of the military, we also used operatives from the police include those who have worked in RaSP (Royalty and Specialist Protection) and PaDP (Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection).

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