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On Friday, 21 September 1877, Frederick Joubert Duquesne was born in Cape Colony, South Africa. He emigrated from Hamilton, Bermuda, to the U. S. in 1902 and became a naturalized United States citizen on Thursday, 4 December 1913. He was implicated in deceitful insurance claims, including one that resulted from a fire aboard the British Steamship Tennyson, which triggered the vessel to sink on Friday, 18 February 1916. When he was apprehended on Saturday, 17 November 1917, he had in his possession a big file of news clippings regarding bomb explosions on ships, and a letter from the Assistant German Vice Consul at Managua, Nicaragua. The message showed that “Captain Duquesne” was “one who has rendered meritorious service to the German cause.”

When Sebold made his way to the U. S. in February 1940, Duquesne carried out a business known as the “Air Terminals Company” in New York City. After creating his initial contact with Duquesne by letter, Sebold met with him Duquesne’s office. During their first meeting, Duquesne, who was very worried about the chance of electronic surveillance devices being present in his office, offered Sebold a note saying that they should talk somewhere else. After changing their location to an Automat, the duo exchanged information about associates of the German spying system with who they had been in contact.

Duquesne furnished Sebold with information for transmittal to Germany during the following meetings, and FBI Officers filmed the sessions which transpired in Sebold’s office. Duquesne, who was passionately anti-British, offered information dealing with national defense in America, sailing ships to British ports, and technology. Duquesne also consistently obtained money from Germany in payment for his services.

On one occasion, Duquesne furnished Sebold with photographs and specifications of a new type of bomb being created in the U. S. He claimed that he got that material by surreptitiously entering the DuPont plant in Wilmington, Delaware. Duquesne also gave details on how fires could be commenced in industrial plants. Much of the information Duquesne received was the result of his correspondence with industrial concerns. Representing himself as a student, he requested data regarding their manufacturing and product conditions.

Duquesne was prosecuted. He was sentenced to serve one and half years in confinement on spying charges and two years concurrent sentence and payment of two thousand dollars fine for violating the Registration Act.

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