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Heinrich Clausing is a German-born, and he came to the U. S. in September 1934. In 1938, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States. He had served on different ships sailing from New York Harbor since his arrival in the U. S., and he was recruited as a cook on the SS Argentine at the time of his apprehension.

He was closely connected with Franz Stigler, one of the major contact men for this spy ring, and Clausing served as a courier. He conveyed microphotographs and other material from the U. S. to South American ports, from which the details were transmitted to Germany through Italian airlines. Clausing also created a mail drop in South America for the speedy transmittal of more information to Germany by mail.

Clausing was prosecuted and sentenced to eight years in prison for violation of spying statutes. He also got two years in prison sentence for violation of the Registration Act.



Conradin Otto Dold is a German-born and came to the U. S. from Germany in 1926. In 1934, Dold became a United States citizen under the Act of the Seamen. Before his apprehension, he was Chief Steward aboard the SS Siboney of the American Export Lines.

He was associated with people holding high positions in Germany and was relatively related to other men of the spying posse who worked on ships sailing from New York Harbor. As a courier, he transmitted information from Nazi agents in the U. S. to contacts in neutral ports abroad for transmittal to Germany.

Dold was sentenced to a decade in detention on spying charges and got two years of concurrent sentences and a fine of $1,000 for violation of the Registration Act. 



After Rudolf Ebeling departing Germany for the U. S. in 1925, he was recruited as a foreman in the Shipping Department of Harper and Brothers in New York City when he was apprehended.

He secured information about ship cargoes and sailings, which furnished to Paul Fehse for transmittal to Germany. Ebeling also provided such information to Leo Waalen, who sent the material to Sebold for transmittal.

Upon prosecution, he was sentenced to serve five years in detention on espionage charges. Ebeling also obtained two years of the concurrent sentence and a $1,000 fine for violating the Registration Act.

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