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The relative obscurity, darkness, and mystery of a telephone booth were an appropriate tomb for John Elgin Johnson. This man, however, would be the last to confess it. For him, who expressed dislike always, also expressed the desire for so-called essential things of life – “fine clothes, beautiful Cadillac, big flashy dames.” In brief, Elgin wanted the grandiose material components of the community – a community that he cruelly disliked and rendered brutal death and violence. Again, Elgin wanted admittance to a religious order of laymen, which, if given, would have discovered him in an abstinent existence.

The scenarios of Elgin’s childhood way of life are not completely known. This man was born in Linn Grove, Iowa, to one big family, on Thursday, 21 August 1919, and was brought up in the northwestern USA. He attended Cody, Wyoming, where he completed his tenth grade; Elgin made his first thrust into a claim for recognition. He was apprehended and convicted for robbery at Rapid City in South Dakota, Saturday, 23 November 1935. When he was 16 years old, the initial step towards his peak of brutality and violence had started. But the community, knowing that youth has but youthful viewpoint, given him probation.

Just ninety days later, Elgin was once more apprehended at Santa Fe, New Mexico, where, for breaking, this young man was sentenced on Sunday, 2 February 1936, to serve from one and half years to two years. After almost a year’s imprisonment, he was discharged.

Under the alias of Eric Vernon Jefferson, his swift-rising career was once more served when he was caught for investigation of vehicle prowling at Salk Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday, 2 March 1937. As a result, in a year and three months, the emergent criminal was speedily familiarizing himself with the penal and judicial systems.

With the preciseness of a wanderer bird, Elgin made his way back to the dubious warmth of the underworld’s “nest.” On Tuesday, 16 August 1938, he was arrested by local Los Angeles authorities on burglary charges, which resulted in his transfer to Rawlins, Wyoming, where the crime had occurred. With roughly tedious repetition, Elgin, now a worldly 19, was sentenced to serve twenty-four to thirty-six months. Almost two years later, in August 1940, the young man Elgin made his way back to the community.

Just thirty days later, on Tuesday, 17 September 1940, a Los Angeles, California, the bank was robbed by a single crook armed with a blue steel revolver. The Hollywood Branch of the Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank was executing its usual daily activities.

To be continued

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