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Following Paul dispose of Baby Face’s body, he made his way back to Chicago. On Friday 30 November 1934, Paul reacted to a want ad for men to drive vehicles to Seattle, Washington. To get this job, he was photographed for a chauffeur’s license at a police station. Due to Paul’s only known arrest had been for drunkenness in 1931, no wanted circulars with his fingerprints and photograph had ever been given out.

In early December 1934, Special Officers of the FBI’s San Francisco Bureau got in touch with Paul’s former associates and employers. They were directed to inform the FBI if Paul was seen. On Thursday, 27 December 1934, Paul attempted to borrow money from employees at the Mount Shasta, California, fish hatcheries where he had worked six years ago. The FBI and local police were quickly informed, and Chief of Police A. L. Roberts caught Paul.

On Monday, 31 December 1934, Paul was transferred to Chicago, Illinois, where he was the first person to be attempted under the law that made it a Federal violation to kill a Special Officer of the FBI in the performance of his duties. Paul’s trial started on Monday, 18 March 1935. Seven days later, the jury discovered him guilty of killing Inspector Samuel P. Cowley. The Attorney General designated the US Reformatory, Alcatraz Island, California, to get Paul, and his confinement there started on Sunday, 31 March 1935.

In September 1954, Paul was relocated to the US Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas. Although he had been serving time for the killing of Inspector Cowley, two decades later, Paul had not yet been attempted on the Monday, 31 December 1934, indictment charging him with Special Officer Hollis’s murder. On Wednesday, 27 April 1955, a motion was filed in US District Court, Chicago, Illinois, asking instant trial on this indictment or its dismissal.

On Monday, 17 October 1955, a US District judge dismissed the indictment that charged Paul with Hollis’s murder. He held that Paul’s more knowledge of the prosecution and his failure to take action did not make up a waiver of his right to a quick trial.

While the pending indictment was dismissed, Paul turned out to be eligible for parole. Following parole had been refuted repeatedly; Paul eventually was paroled from Leavenworth on Monday, 31 October 1966. After his discharge, Paul lived in California, where he was employed as a custodian for more than six years.  On Friday, 5 October 1973, John Paul Chase died of cancer in Palo Alto, California.

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