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Lifestyle Reports

Lifestyle reports can be instructed for a wide range of reasons but most often they are linked to either debt recover matters or potential breaches of contract.

What Is A Lifestyle Report?

A lifestyle report is an investigation into an individual to ascertain specific factors relating to their pattern and style of life.

For example, if there were an investigation into an individuals financial position as a result of a debt related matter, a lifestyle report may provide the investigator with important evidence and intelligence to gather as clear a picture as to the true financial position of the target.

If the subject of the investigation was pleading poverty, yet drove an expensive car, visited nice restaurants (was paying for the bill) and regularly went shopping for new clothes etc then this would suggest that their claim was not completely truthful.

A lifestyle report can take many forms but in essence it is used to establish the true pattern of life of an individual in order to gather intelligence and evidence related to their particular circumstances.

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