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Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence

Otherwise known is OSINT, Open Source Intelligence, is a key method of acquiring information for private investigators and researchers.

What Is Open Source Intelligence
How To Look

Investigators and researchers know how to look for information.

Where To Look

Information is available in a wide range of resources which are available to the trained operative.

How To Interpret

Once information has been gathered, the key is to know how to interpret the information with regards to the case in question.

Intelligence gathering can come in many different forms and for many different reasons. But one thing that is for certain and that is that “knowledge is power". Whether it is to protect, understand or expand a position or hypothesis, both private individuals and organisations can benefit from gaining additional intelligence and open source intelligence is one way of achieving this.

Using legal, transparent and ethical methods, Tacet Global provide intelligence gathering services for organisations and individuals who require additional information, intelligence and evidence.
We are often required to conduct OSINT reports for both private clients and corporations for a wide variety of different needs and our expert operatives are able to source information from the most unlikely of places.

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