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Private investigator London – Booking Process

Private Investigator London - Booking Process

This webpage explains the process of how clients can go about instructing our services.

One of the interesting things about this industry, is that no client ever has the same exact problems. They may have similar problems and they may require similar solutions, but even in this instance the details will be different.

One thing that is the same between clients, is the approach we adopt in order to understand our clients needs, address any concerns they may have and put together a solutions that is right for them.

For more information of our services, please clock on the following link: private investigator London. The link (private investigator London) will take you through to the specific page dedicated to this topic.

Initial Contact

Clients come to us for a variety of different reasons and using a variety of different channels. Most commonly we will initially be contacted via phone, email or through our website. Even a referral (which is how most clients hear of us) will result in a phone call or email.

At this stage, depending on the logistics and complexities of the potential case, we can implement an investigation at very short notice but most commonly the first phone call is for the client to explain their situation and for us to recommend potential solutions,

Face To Face Meeting

Should the potential case warrant it or perhaps the client would like to meet us in person, a physical meeting will then take place between the parties. Circumstances will dictate where the meeting will take place, but as mentioned throughout this website, we as an agency believe in the need for our clients to know who we are. This enables them to know who they are working with and gives them assurance as to the fact that we are a bonafide professional investigation agency.

Letters Of Instruction

Once work is agreed, all aspects of our work will be listed in a document entitled “case proposal". This will have all the important aspects of the work written for agreement between the parties as an prior to the commencement of any tasks.

This is out letter of instruction which requires both parties to agree to the terms and conditions of the work at the outset of the instruction.

Start The Task

Once the case proposal has been accepted by the client and the necessary T&Cs are in place, the work can then proceed.


As part of any investigation, communication between Tacet Global and the client is of huge importance to us so this will take place throughout the investigation, both formally and informally dependant on the given circumstances of that task.

Contact Us

To speak to us about your circumstances and how we may be able to help, please contact us using one of the methods listed below.

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