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Private Investigator UK

Tacet Global, aim to be the leading provider of intelligence and investigation services from all organisations who appear on a search for private investigator UK.

Lots of agencies advertise under the search term private investigator UK. Tacet Global are one of just a small number of bonafide organisations which are registered and affiliated private investigators.

Our Managing Director is also an associate member of the Security Institute and a qualified close protection officer with the SIA. For more information about our close protection services, please visit: close protection London.

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Unlike many other agencies, Tacet Global is completely transparent about who we are. This gives you the assurance of who you are working with as we’re not a faceless website.


Tacet Global and our Managing Director are affiliated with a number of UK and international trade associations. Alongside knowing who we are, our affiliations give clients even further assurance that they’re working with professional and bonafide investigators.

Global Reach

We work with clients and cases far beyond the borders of the UK. Our networks and operatives enable us to conduct operations around the world.

Our Affiliations

The Association Of British Investigators
The World Association Of Detectives
The Security Institute
The Security Industry Authority

Our Three Customer Assurances

Assurance Of Quality

Our affiliations with the leading national and international trade associations are really important to us. Joining these associations was no easy feat and being a member of organisations such as the ABI (Association Of British Investigators) and WAD (World Association of Detectives) is recognition of our values and methodology.

Our relationships with the above associations gives our customers assurance as to the quality, integrity and professionalism of our service.

Assurance of Identity

Due to the UK investigation industry being unlicensed, the sector suffers from rogue traders and their unethical practices. With Tacet Global being associated with the above organisations, our customers can be assured of who they are working with.

To take this issue of trust a step further, customers can also arrange to meet us in person to discuss their requirements should they wish.

Our associations and transparent approach as to who we are, gives our customers the assurance of who they are working with and the professional service we provide.

Assurance Of Accountability

Our association with the above trade bodies provides another invaluable assurance for our customers: accountability.

As everything we do for our clients is set in writing, prior to the commencement of any instructions, our customers have the assurance of the accountability for our actions.

Our customers have a third party to speak to in the event of any issues or misunderstandings. This gives our clients the further assurance that we are accountable for our work and they have someone to speak should the need arise.

Our Operatives

Our operatives come from some of the most senior positions in the Metropolitan Police, Intelligence Services and Military.

The World Association Of Detectives

Affiliated Agency

The WAD is the largest, oldest and mot respected agency of its type in the world.

Specialist Units

The Metropolitan Police

We are able to draw on the skills and experience of operatives from some of the Met's elite units.

British Army

Royal Military Police

Our operatives also come from backgrounds in senior positions in the British Army.

Tacet Global are affiliated with the ABI (Association of British Investigators) and WAD (World Association of Detectives).

private investigator UKThis gives our clients the confidence to know that they are working with bonafide investigators who have been checked, vetted and investigated themselves prior to be able to join the national’s and international’s leading trade associations. Unlike other companies who can be found by searching for private investigator UK, Tacet Global has the credentials to support their position as one of the leading organisations who help clients who have found their site by searching for private investigator UK.

Tacet Global have a reputation for the highest level of operatives and services of all the agencies who advertise under the term private investigator UK.

Our operatives also come from the leading and in some instances highly specialist units in the Metropolitan Police, Intelligence Services and Military. Of all the companies advertising under the term private investigator UK, we aim to be the best agency available for customers looking for private investigator UK.

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