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The following day he made his way to the High Street address, and David opened the door. Harry stated, “Mr David.” Greenglass replied, “Yes.” Harry then stated, “I come from Rosenberg,” and showed David the cardboard that Yakovlev had furnished him. David demanded Harry come into his home, then made his way out with a cardboard piece taken from a woman’s handbag and compared it with the piece Harry had furnished him. The pieces corresponded. Harry introduced himself to David and his wife, Ruth, as “Dave from Pittsburgh.”

David informed Harry that the visit surprised and required some hours to get ready the Atom bomb materials. He began to inform Harry about possible recruits at Los Alamos. Still, Harry cut him short and indicated to David that it was perilous and that Greenglass should be cautious in his action. Harry departed and made his way back that afternoon when Greenglass furnished him an envelope which he stated had information concerning the a-bomb. Harry handed over to Greenglass the envelope having the five hundred dollars. David said to Harry that he was supposed to get a leave sometime around Christmas and furnished Harry Rosenberg’s phone number in New York Metropolis if Harry wanted to touch with David.

Harry made his way back to New York Metropolis by train on Tuesday, 5 June 1945. While en route, he assessed the material Greenglass had handed him and placed it in a manila envelope. He placed the material he had gotten from Klaus into a different manila envelope. That evening Harry met Yakovlev along Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn and handed him both envelopes.

Almost fourteen days later, Harry met Yakovlev on Main Street in Flushing, New York. Yakovlev informed Harry that the information he had gotten from him on Tuesday, 5 June 1945, had been forwarded instantly to the Soviet Union and that the material he had gotten from David “was very valuable and excellent.” At this gathering, Harry related the information of his dialogue with David and Klaus. Klaus had mentioned that great progress had been made on the A-bomb and that the 1st blast had been stipulated for July 1945.


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