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Conversations were further held regarding the Hitler-Stalin Pact, and associates helped other people for the Russian position. Elitcher did not cease proceeding to these meetings until September 1941. In 1942, Communist Party branches were established, which contained workers from particular government bureaus, and Elitcher became a member of the Navy branch of the Communist Party.

Elitcher bear witnessed that around June 1944, he answered a phone call from Julius, who described himself as an ex-college classmate of Elitcher. At Elitcher’s invitation, Julius came to Elitcher’s place of residence the same evening. Julius informed Elitcher what the Soviet Union was performing in the war effort and said that that country was refusing some war details. Julius indicated, however, that some individuals were furnishing military information to support the Soviet Union. Julius inquired Elitcher to give him the plans, reports, or books concerning new military equipment and anything Elitcher believed would be of use to the Soviet Union, indicating that the last option for the Soviet Union of the value of the material would not be up to Elitcher, but that the material would be assessed by someone else.

In September 1944, Elitcher proceeded on a seven-day vacation in a state park in West Virginia with Sobell and his would-be wife. During this holiday, Elitcher informed Sobell about Julius’s visit and demand for information to be furnished to the Soviet Union. When he commented that Julius had stated Sobell was assisting in this, Sobell turned out to be angry and stated that Julius should not have stated his name.

In 1945, Elitcher was in New York on holiday and remained at Julius’s place of residence. Julius said to Elitcher that Julius had been fired from his work for security reasons and that his membership in the Communist Party appeared to be the foundation of the case against him. Julius was concerned about this issue because he believed his office removal might have had some link to his espionage operation. Still, he was alleviated when he discovered that it about only his communist operation.

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