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Klaus also mentioned that he would need to make his way back to England and that he was concerned because the British had reached Kiel, Germany, ahead of the Russians and might find a Gestapo dossier there Klaus, which would disclose his strong Communist background and ties. Harry and Klaus also talked about the details of a plan whereby Klaus could be got in touch in England.

In November 1945, Harry again met Yakovlev, at which time Harry stated that David would likely be coming home around Christmas for a layoff. Harry said arrangements should be made to contact Julius in an attempt to receive more information from David.

In January 1946, Harry again had a meeting with Yakovlev and was informed about a man Yakovlev had put in great effort in contacting who was under continuous close watch. Yakovlev employed this tale to explain that it was better to renounce the contact than jeopardize their work.

In December 1946, Harry got a couple of tickets to a boxing match in the New York Metropolis through the mail. The tickets were directed to Harry’s Philadelphia residence erroneously and too late for Harry to keep the appointment. At 17:00 local time on Thursday, 26 December 1946, Harry got a telephone call at his workplace. The voice stated, “This is John.” Harry subsequently planned with John to meet an unknown man in a certain movie theatre that night. The man described himself by giving Harry the torn piece of paper heading Yakovkev and Harry had previously prepared. This man inquired Harry to go 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue, New York Metropolis, to see Yakovlev.

He saw Yakovlev, who inquired if Harry had anything further from Klaus, apologized for his ten months’ nonattendance and illustrated that he had to lie low. He said that he was delight Harry was working in New York and informed Harry he should start to arrange for a mission to Paris, France, in March 1947, where Harry would have a meeting with a physicist. He handed Harry an onionskin paper setting forth information for his arranged meeting in Paris.


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