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Elitcher Testifies

Elitcher bears witnessed that he first encountered Sobell while both were going to a high school in New York Metropolis. He also added that he and Sobell also went to college together in New York from 1934 to 1938. Elitcher completed his college education with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and indicated that Julius also studied engineering at the same college during this same time. Sobell saw Elitcher every day at school but saw Rosenberg less often. After completing his education, Elitcher worked with the Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Department, Washington, D. C., from November 1938 until October 1948.


In December 1938, Elitcher lived in Washington, D. C. During December of that year, Sobell made his way to Washington and remained at an apartment next to Elitcher’s home. In April 1939, Sobell and Elitcher took up abode in a private home, and in May of 1940, they relocated into an apartment. During the period they resided together, Sobell also worked at the Bureau of Ordnance. In September 1941, Sobell resigned and proceeded to a university in Michigan to further his education.


Elitcher further said that during the time he dwelled with Sobell, they had dialogues about the Communist Party. At Sobell’s demand, Elitcher became a member of the Young Communist League. In September 1939, Elitcher went to a rendezvous with Sobell, at which there was a conversion about establishing a branch of the Communist Party. This branch was established, and Elitcher became a member of the Communist Party at the end of 1939. Meetings of this association were held at various associates’ residences, and dues were paid to the association’s chairman. Elitcher said that Sobell was the 1st chairman of the association. At meetings, discussions were carried out of new events based on the Daily Worker and literature like The Communist. The association further talked about Leninist and Marxist theory. Advises were given to the members to become members of the American Peace Mobilization and support the American Youth Congress convention.


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