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During the dialogue with Yakovlev, Harry stated his worker’s name, and, upon hearing that, Yakovlev turned out to be highly excited. He informed Harry that Harry had almost destroyed eleven years of work by working for this man because he had been investigated in 1945. Yakovlev went away, saying that Harry would not see him in the U. S. again.

It is fascinating to note that the Soviet intelligence services are using Harry to contact David, made a security error that finally resulted in the uncovering of the Julius espionage ring; a network autonomous of the one Harry was engaged in. From FBI knowledge of Soviet intelligence operations, it is identified that the Soviets, with their stress on security, will not typically allow an associate of one network to aware of the existence of another network so that in the event one network is noticed, the remaining network will not be compromised. It will be summoned that Harry’s protest to Yakovlev concerning getting in touch with David in Albuquerque went unheeded. The Soviets undeniably discovered a great reason to regret this mistake in judgment.

A nuclear chemist bear witnessed that from 1944 to 1947, he was connected with the a-bomb project at Los Alamos. He said that his work was associated with implosion research and classified secret. He also mentioned that he would proceed to the machine shop, give sketches to the shop’s supervisor and figure out what was required. The nuclear chemist remembered seeing David in the machine shop. He described the drawings prepared by David at the hearing and exhibited reasonably precise copies of the type of sketches he submitted to the machine shop. These samples could have been of value to a foreign power. The nuclear chemist mentioned and would disclose what was transpiring at Los Alamos and show the professional its relation to the a-bomb.


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