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In July 1945, Harry had a meeting with Yakovlev in a seafood eatery. Yakovlev stated it was required to make plans for another Soviet agent to contact Harry. Harry took a sheet of paper from his pocket at Yakovlev’s directives, which had a Philadelphia firm heading. Harry tore off the top part having the name, and on the reverse side of the sheet, wrote in a slanting way, “Addresses to Paul Street.” Yakovlev subsequently unevenly tore the paper. He kept one part, and Harry kept the remaining part. Yakovlev stated that if Harry got a couple of tickets in the mail without a letter, it indicates that on a definite number of days after the date on the ticket, Harry was to proceed to the Astoria line’s roadway stop for a gathering which would occur in an eatery-bar. Harry’s Soviet contact would be standing at the bar and move toward Harry, requesting to be directed to Paul Street. Subsequently, they would match the torn pieces of paper.

In August 1945, Harry again had a meeting with Yakovlev in Brooklyn and was informed to go on a trip in September 1945 to see Klaus. Harry advised Yakovlev that since he would see Klaus, he might also proceed to Albuquerque to see Greenglass. Yakovlev responded that it was imprudent because it might jeopardize Harry to have more contact with David.

In September 1945, Harry had a meeting with Klaus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On his way back to New York City on Saturday, 22 September 1945, Harry made his way to a set meeting location to see Yakovlev, who did not appear.

Almost ten days later, Harry had a meeting with Yakovlev at Main Street, Flushing and handed over to him a package he had gotten from Klaus. He informed Yakovlev that Klaus has stated there was no longer open and free cooperation between the British and the Americans, and several departments were closed to Klaus.

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