Security Audits

Security Audits

Our expert security consultants come from some of the most senior positions in the military, police and security services.

Security Audits

We offer three different types of security audit: Digital – Physical – Procedural.

All three audit types have the clear objective of us evaluating and testing our clients security and protection systems for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Our audits also include recommendations to address our findings so our customers have the best protection and safety possible.

Digital Audit
With the number of cyber attacks and hackings taking place, people and organisations are having to ensure that their digital operations are protected and secure. Our digital audit will test and evaluate the digital protections a company or person has in place and offer recommendations on how to address any vulnerabilities.

Physical Audit
A physical audit looks at how a person or organisation may be physically vulnerable. Our physical audit identifies what a person or an organisation can do to protect themselves and their people against harm.

Procedural Audit
With companies holding sensitive data and information, one way of this being taken advantage of is by “leaks" or infiltrators using such information for their own benefit. Our procedural audit is a way of testing the internal process used by an organisation to ensure that information can’t be leaked, misused or obtained and that the company is not vulnerable to security issues internally.

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