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However, with practically no interest rates, inflation was low, and the United States economy and corporate profits escalated, fueling the stock market escalates of the late 1920s. That worried Strong, but he also sensed he had no option because the low-interest rates were assisting Europeans, especially Great Britain, in their attempt to return to the gold standard and economic stability.

Economic historian Charles P. Kindleberger asserts that Strong was among the few United States policymakers interested in the worrying financial dealings of Europe in the 1920s, and that had he not died in 1928, just twelve months before the Great Depression, Strong might have been able to achieve stability in the international financial system.

A public antagonism for the building’s plan was held, and the architectural company of New York and Sawyer proposed the winning plan. The Bank relocated to New York’s new Federal Reserve Bank Building in 1924.



Since the Federal Reserve System’s establishment, New York’s Reserve Bank has been where monetary policy in the U. S. is carried out. However, the policy is concluded in Washington, D.C., by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). No other Reserve Bank with a stable seat on the Committee except the Federal Bank Reserve of New York and its president is conventionally chosen as the Committee’s vice chairman. Working in the United States’ financial capital, the Bank carries out open market operations – the selling and buying of outstanding agency securities and Treasury securities –  via its Trading Desk. Like other districts of Reserve Banks, New York’s Reserve Bank distributes currency and coins, involves in the Fedwire system that transfers securities and payments between local banks, and carries out economic research.

The Federal Bank of New York is the elite fiscal agent of the United States Treasury. In this function, it executes all primary auctions of profitable Treasury securities and government buybacks when approved. It conducts an exchange rate policy by substituting dollars with foreign currencies under the Treasury’s direction. The Treasury acquires all direct borrowed funds and federal revenue and pays almost all federal expenses via its General Account at New York’s Reserve Bank.


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