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As a guard advanced to guard-kind uniform, ordered the guard, “support or I will blow your brains out.” Burke and the armed man vanished through the door and escaped in a sedan parked nearby.          

A sedan recognized as the vehicle used in the escape was spotted near a Boston hospital, and policemen cloaked themselves in the area. On Sunday, 29 August 1954, the policemen’s suspicions were stirred up by a sedan that circled the general environs of the deserted vehicle on five occasions. This automobile was traced through car records to Anthony. On Monday, 30 August 1954, he was held as a suspicious individual. Anthony confessed to having been in the vicinity, reporting that he was looking for a parking place so that he’d pay a visit to one relative in the hospital. After saying no to any knowledge of the escape of “Trigger” Burke, Anthony was discharged. Burke was apprehended by FBI officers at Folly Beach, South Carolina, on Saturday, 27 August 1955, and made his way back to New York to face murder allegations that were outstanding against him there. He was later prosecuted and executed.   

O’Keefe Admits

Irrespective that a significant amount of money was being splurged by associates of the thievery gang during 1954, in defending themselves against legal trials alone, the year concluded without the sighting any bills identifiable as a portion of the loot of Brink. Moreover, although violent disagreement had established within the mob, there still was no sign that any of the criminals were willing to “talk.” Based on the information on the ground, however, the FBI sensed that the disguise of O’Keefe was getting to the point where it was feasible he’d turn against his associates.        

During a section with him in prison in Springfield, Massachusetts, in October 1954, special agents discovered that the dilemma of the missing Boston swindler was giving O’Keefe a lot of headaches. In the last month, 1954, he showed to the FBI officers that Anthony could look for rough treatment if O’Keefe again were discharged.    

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