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Special officers then questioned Costa’s wife and Costa himself, O’Keefe, the swindler, and Anthony and his wife. All say no to any knowledge of the reported scenario. However, many associates of the gang of Brink were shaken and seemed to be strangely nervous during the latter part of May and early in June 1954.   

Fourteen days of comparative silence in the mob associates’ lives were ruined on Saturday, 5 June 1954, when O’Keefe was tried to be killed. The Boston gangland rumbled with allegations that a sedan had heaved alongside O’Keefe’s sedan in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on that same day in the early morning hours. Apprehensive, O’Keefe squatted low in the front seat of his vehicle as the prospective assassins fired bullets that pierced the windshield.   

On Monday, 14 June 1954, a second gunning scenario happened in Dorchester, Massachusetts, when O’Keefe and his swindler buddy visited Baker. By this period, Baker was distressing from a terrible case of nerves. Reportedly, he pulled out a revolver on O’Keefe; the duo men exchanged many shots, but none of the bullets discovered their mark. Baker ran away, and the short meeting adjourned.        

On Wednesday, 16 June 1954, another attempt which was the third one, was made on O’Keefe’s life. This scenario also occurred in Dorchester and engaged the gunning of more than thirty shots. O’Keefe was injured in the chest and wrist, but again he could escape with his life. Police who came to investigate discovered a massive amount of blood, a man’s crushed wristwatch, and a .45 calibre pistol at the scene. Five bullets that had missed their mark were discovered in a flanking building.      

On Thursday, 17 June 1954, the Boston police apprehended Elmer “Trigger” Burke and prosecuted him for having a machine gun. Later, this machine gun was recognized as having been employed in the attempt to make O’Keefe’s life some days ago. Burke, a highly skilled killer, reportedly had been employed by gangland members of O’Keefe to kill him.

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