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O’Keefe wrote bitter letters from his cell in Springfield to confederates of the gang of Brink and continued in his requests for the fund. The prosecution for burglary in McKean Settlement, Pennsylvania, still hung over his head, and legal fees stayed to be paid. In 1955, O’Keefe meticulously thought of his position. It seemed to him that he’d spend his other days in jail while his confederates would have several years to take delight in the luxuries of life. Even if discharged, he pondered that his days were numbered. There’d been three separate attempts on his life only in June 1954, and his aggravated assassins certainly were waiting for him to make his way back to Boston.   

Reconciled to long years in jail or a short life on the outside, O’Keefe grew bitter toward his previous confederates. Finally, through long days of empty promises of help and conscious stalling by the mob confederates, he started to realize that his menaces were falling on deaf ears. As long as O’Keefe stayed in prison, he’d do no physical harm to his Boston lawbreaker confederates. And the mob sensed that the odds of his “conversing” were insignificant because he’d be implicated in the robbery of Brink along with the others.             

On Tuesday, 27 December 1955, FBI officers visit O’Keefe. After a time of resentment, he started to show a friendly attitude. Questioned again a day after, he conversed somewhat more liberally, and it was clear that the officers were steady winning his confidence and respect.

At 16:20 local time on Friday, 6 January 1956, O’Keefe finalized his decision. He was done with Maffei, Anthony, McGinnis, Baker, and Brink’s remaining conspirators who had turned against him. “Okay,” he informed a couple of FBI agents, “what information do you need?”

Many questioning sections during the following days, O’Keefe linked the full tale of the robbery of Brink. After each section, FBI officers worked zealously into the night, reading through all sections of his tale which were subject to confirmation. Many of the talking had formerly been acquired during the intense six-year investigation. Other information supplied by O’Keefe aided to fill the gaps which still existed.     

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