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McGinnis had been apprehended at the station of a still New Hampshire in February 1954. Alleged with illegal possession of liquor distillery tools and violation of Internal Revenue laws, he had several headaches when O’Keefe was furnishing so much trouble to the mob. McGinnis’s hearings in March 1955 on the liquor charge led to a sentence to thirty days’ incarceration and a one thousand dollar fine. However, in that same year, a high court annulled the conviction on the grounds that the hunt and capture of the still were unlawful.     

Adolph Maffei, who had been prosecuted for income tax violation in June 1954, was discharged from the Federal Corrections Institution at Danbury, Connecticut, on Sunday, 30 January 1955. A couple of days before the release of Maffei, another prime suspect died of natural causes. There were repeating hearsays that this ruffian, Joseph Sylvester Banfield, had been “right down there” on the crime’s night. Banfield had been a close buddy of McGinnis for several years. However, he’d been recognized to carry a gun, burglary – rather than armed robbery – was his illegal area of expertise, and his outstanding driving skill was a precious asset during criminal exits.        

Just like the others, Banfield had been interviewed regarding his operation on the evening of Tuesday, 17 January 1950. He couldn’t offer a specific account, alleging that he turned out to be drunk on New Year’s Eve and stayed intoxicated through the whole month of January. One of his ex-girlfriends, who remembered having seen him on the evening of the thievery, asserted that he wasn’t drunk.  

Even Anthony, whose deportation problems there was a serious burden, was apprehended by the Boston police in August 1954. On Saturday, 28 August 1954, “Trigger” Burke fled from the Suffolk Settlement Prison in Boston. He was apprehended on the gun-possession charge occurring from the Monday, 16 June 1954 gunning of O’Keefe. Burke alienated himself from the other captives during the usual exercise time and advanced toward a heavy steel door directing the solitary imprisonment section. 

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