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The men’s meticulously planned routine inside Brink’s was episodic only when the attendant in the connecting garage of Brink sounded the buzzer. Before the thieves could take him captive, the garage’s attendant found his way out. Although the attendant didn’t suspect that the thievery was transpiring, this incident triggered the criminals to move more quickly.    

Prior to escaping with loot’s bags, the seven equipped individuals tried to open a metal box with the General Electric Company’s payroll. They’d brought now equipment with them, however, and were abortive.

Soon upon departing, the mob filled up the truck with the loot. The truck was parked on Prince Street near the entrance. As the truck left with nine confederates of the mob – and Costa sped away in the stolen Ford car – the members of staff of Brink worked themselves free and reported the offence.  

Banfield sped away from the truck to the residence of Maffei’s parents in Roxbury. The loot was swiftly offloaded, and he drove to hide the automobile. Geagan, who was on parole, abandoned the automobile before arriving at the home in Roxbury, where the loot was offloaded.  He was sure he’d be deemed a strong suspect and wanted to start developing a reason swiftly. While the gang’s remaining members remained at the residence to make a swift count on the loot, Faherty and Anthony left.  

Almost ninety minutes later, McGinnis made his way back with Banfield. Before this moment, McGinnis had been at his liquor shop. He wasn’t with the mob when the thievery occurred.

The mob confederates who stayed at the residence of Maffei’s parents soon disbanded to develop excuses themselves. Before they departed, however, roughly three hundred and eighty thousand dollars was put in a coal hamper and taken by Baker for security reasons. In addition, Costa, Anthony and Richardson each took twenty thousand dollars, and this was recorded on a score sheet.   

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