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Investigation to validate this tip led to the location of the owner of a key shop who remembered making keys for Anthony on at least four or five nights in 1949; Anthony formerly had organized for his man to keep his shop above the usual closing time on evenings when Anthony demanded him to do so. Anthony would take the locks to the individual’s shop, and keys would be made for them. This individual later identified locks from doors that Brink had entered as identical to Antony’s locks. This individual reported not knows Anthony’s engagement in the robbery of Brink.     

Each of the four lock containers was held on a separate occasion. The extraction of the lock containers from the outside door engaged the greatest risk of discovery. An onlooker might detect that it was nowhere to be found. So another locked container was put in place until the original one was returned. Inside the premises, the mob confederates meticulously studied all the information on the ground regarding the schedules and shipments of Brink. The “casing” operation was so deep that the lawbreakers could figure out the kind of operation occurring in the offices of Brink by looking at the lights inside the premises, and they knew the personnel on duty at different hours of the day.    

Some days before the thievery, Gusciora and O’Keefe sneakily made their way to building a protective alarm organization in Boston and acquired a copy of the defensive plans for the premises of Brink. After these plans were checked and discovered to be unsupportive, the duo returned them the same way. McGinnis formerly had conversed deploying a man to the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C., to check the patents on the protective alarms employed in the building of Brink.   

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