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When interviewed regarding his operations on the evening of Tuesday, 17 January 1950, he reported that after fruitlessly looking for work, he had many drinks and then made his way back home. Geagan asserted that he spent the night at home and wasn’t aware of Brink’s robbery until the next day. Investigation disclosed that Geagan, a labourer, hadn’t gone to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, 17 or 18 January 1950.     

During the journey from Roxbury, Anthony distributed Navy-type pea-coats and caps of chauffeur to the remaining seven confederates in the truck’s rear. Each confederate also was furnished with a Halloween-type mask and a pistol. In addition, each carried a couple of gloves. O’Keefe put on crepe-soled footwear to soften his footsteps, and the remaining members of the gang put on rubbers.  

As the truck drove past the offices of Brinks, the criminals noted that the lights were missing on the Prince Side of the premises. That was in their favour. After going through the street to the end of the playground, which connected the building of Brink, the truck halted. All but Banfield and Anthony stepped out and made their way into the playground to wait for Costa’s signal. Costa, who was at his guard post, formerly had got to there in a Ford vehicle which the mob had stolen from behind the Boston Symphony Hall a couple of days earlier.       

After obtaining the “proceed” signal from Costa, the seven-armed confederates walked on the Prince Street way in Brink. Using the exterior door key they’d formerly received, the individuals swiftly entered and put on their masks. The remaining keys in their possession allow them to move toward the second floor, where they took the five members of staff of Brink by surprise.    

When the members of staff were strongly gagged and bound, the criminals started looting the building. During this activity, a couple of glasses belonging to one of the staff members were reflexively scooped up with other merchandizes and put into loot’s bag. As this container was being offloaded later that evening, the glasses were found and eliminated by the gang.     

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