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Substantial thought was provided to every detail. When the criminals concluded that they required a truck, it was decided that a new one must be stolen because a used truck might’ve distinctive marks and likely won’t be in ideal running condition. Soon after that, during the 1st week of November, a 1949 green Ford Stake-body truck was stated missing by an automobile dealer in Boston. During November and December 1949, respectively, the approach to the building of Brink and the flight over the “exit” way were practised to perfection. December 1949 witnessed roughly six approaches to Brink. None of these approaches become visible because the mob didn’t consider the situations to be favourable.       

During these approaches, Costa was with a flashlight for directing the other lawbreakers on the roof of a high-rise building on Prince Street, ignoring Brink. From this “guard” post, Costa can determine better than the other men below weather conditions inside the premises were favourable to the criminals.     

The ultimate “untrue” approach occurred on Monday, 16 January 1950 – the evening before the operation.

At roughly 19:00 local time on Tuesday, 17 January 1950, the gang confederates met in the Roxbury section of Boston and gained access to the rear of the Ford stake-body truck. Banfield (driver) was the only one in the front. In the back were Thomas Francis Richardson, Maffei, Anthony, Baker, Michael Vincent Geagan, O’Keefe, Gusciora and Faherty.   

Richardson and Geagan, referred to as confederates of other gang members were among the first suspects. At the moment of the robbery of Brink, Geagan was on parole, having been discharged from prison in July 1943, after serving eight years of an extensive sentence for assault and armed robbery. Richardson had engaged with Faherty in thievery in February 1934, and the duo was given a sentence of five to seven years to serve in prison for this crime; he was discharged in September 1941. 

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