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 The succeeding is a short tale of the data which O’Keefe supplied the special agents in January 1956:

Although on the whole Anthony’s brainchild, the robbery of Brink was the result of the combined thought and criminal experience of those who had to know each other for several years. Thorough opinions initially had been furnished to robbing Brink in 1947, when Brink’s was found on Federal Street in Boston. At that moment, Anthony got close to O’Keefe and requested if he wanted to be “in on the score.” His intimate confederates, Stanly Gusciora, had formerly been enlisted, and O’Keefe agreed to participate.   The mob at that period incorporated all of the participants in the Tuesday, 17 January 1950, thievery except Henry Bake. They intended to make their way to the building of Brink and take a truck having payrolls. Many dangers and problems were associated with such thievery, and their intentions never fell into place.   

In December 1948, Brink’s advanced from Federal Street to 165 Prince Street in Boston. Nearly instantly, the mob started developing new plans. The buildings’ roofs on Prince and Snow Hill Streets soon were alive with unnoticeable operation as the mob searched for the most advantageous stations from which to monitor what happened inside the offices of Brink. Binoculars were employed in this stage of the “casing” operation.   

Before the thievery was executed, all the players were familiar with the building of Brink. Each of them had underhandedly gone through the building on many occasions after staff members had left for the day. During their incursions inside the premises, confederates of the mob took the lock cylinders from five doors, incorporating the one opening onto Prince Street. While some mob members stayed on the premises to ensure that no one noticed the activity, the remaining associates swiftly acquired keys to fit the locks. Then the lock cylinders were changed.