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Affiliated Agency

We are one of the UK's leading organisations of its type and are associated with the industry's leading associations.

We Work With The Best

Investigation Services

Our operatives and investigators come from some of the industry's specialist background including the Metropolitan Police.

Royal Military Police

Close Protection

Our close protection operatives come from a range of military and law enforcement backgrounds in specialist protection units.

Our Services

Our services are available to private clients, legal firms and companies un the UK, EU and around the world.

Investigations and Surveillance

We provide a range of investigation services to private clients, legal firms and companies in the UK and around the world.


Our intelligence gathering solutions are provided by former specialists in the military, metropolitan police and UK security services.


We provide close protection and residential security solutions for private and corporate clients.

The Problem We Solve

Our clients can experience highly sensitive and delicate problems which often require a very particular set of skills and expertise in order to solve.


By having a trusted third-party work on their behalf, our clients are safe in the knowledge that experienced and impartial operatives are tasked with finding out the truth, regardless of what that may be and to ensure that the issue can be contained and controlled. 

Our Solutions

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Tacet Global can provide investigation, intelligence, surveillance and security services to clients in the UK and around the world.

Investigation Services

Our investigation operatives come from some of the Metropolitan Police's and British intelligence agencies specialist units.

Experienced Operatives

We are able to deploy and operate in the UK and overseas, dependant on our clients needs to the legal factors of each geographical location.

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Security Services

Our security consultants come from some of the highest positions in the Military and Metropolitan Police's specialist protection units.

Physical, Technical and Cyber

We recruit CPOs for the UK special forces and relevant security units such as the RMP and the Metropolitan Police RaSP.

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Legal Services

We provide legal support for a variety of cases both in the UK and abroad.

Legal Services

Our clients range from large corporate organisations to private individuals and their families.

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Our Affiliations

Our Managing Director is a member of the leading trade associations


We are proud to have some of the most experienced and highly qualified operatives in the private sector.

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Our Affiliations

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Our Managing Director is affiliated with the UK and world's leading trade associations.

The Security Institute


Our Blog

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Our blog provides a range of posts on current industry topics as well as looking at last events associated with intelligence, investigations and security events.