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Close Protection London – FAQs

Close Protection London - FAQs

How Much Does Close Protection Cost? The cost of private security or close protection services will vary on a case by case basis. However, the principle of the costs related to security solutions is based on a daily, weekly, monthly or ongoing agreement. Usually operatives are hired out at a particular day rate over the given period of time relating to the task. The same will be said for any vehicle or additional assets required for the task such as vehicles or technical solutions.

Whilst the costs will vary on a case by case basis, the process of how security can be booked and instructed is the same. Prior to any work being carried out there will be numerous corespondence and ideally meetings followed by a written proposal of the service to be provided detailing all of the information including costs. At no point will a client ever be charged for something which hasn’t been agreed in writing before hand.

Am I able to select the operatives? Yes. How the selection process takes place is up to the client. In some instances it is agreed between us and the client as to how many and what type of operatives are needed and they then trust us to select the most suitable candidate. On other occasions, the client will want to see the CVs, pictures and information relating to the proposed operatives for them to make the final selection.

In both scenarios Tacet will allocate the right people for the task in hand so regardless of whether we or the client makes the final selection, the client can always be assured that they will have the best possible operatives in the market. 

Can I have security for overseas travel? Yes. The exact details and logistics would have to be planned prior to the trip but there are a number of options for clients to have private security whilst travelling overseas. This can also include armed security should the client be travelling to, through or from a hostile location abroad. 

Do you have female operatives? Yes. We have a range of female operatives available for both covert and overt tasks. This also includes armed operatives for overseas and hostile locations. 

We also have qualified female operatives with a background and the relevant qualifications in childcare. These types of operatives are ideal for principal’s with young children and families.

Can you provide security for children? Yes. We have operatives available who specialise in child protection and have the relevant qualifications in childcare and first aid.

Are close protection operatives armed? The UK has very strict gun laws and as such only the military and Metropolitan Police bodyguards would have armed operatives. The close protection operatives in the private sector are therefore not armed. However, should our client require armed operatives for security and protection in hostile locations abroad then this can be catered for.

What happens if our plans change? Adaptability and flexibility are key skills for close protection operatives who will continuously be conducting dynamic risk assessments in both planned and unplanned environments. Therefore, they will be able to adapt to the given circumstances, where necessary and provide the relevant security to the client.

More more information, have a look at the page close protection London. This page has further information related to aspects of private security. On close protection London, you will also find a contact form to fill in and send to us.

To contact us please visit either close protection London or Contact pages. The close protection London page has a contact form for clients to fill in as well as information about the service we provide out clients.

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