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Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Goods

Tacet Global can provide investigative services for organisations who are trying to protect their business and customers from counterfeit goods.

More often than not it is retailers that require our brand protection services. Brands of all sizes and scale are often confronted with the issue of counterfeit goods flooding the market place which affects their reputation, profits and business as a whole.

Our brand protection investigations can target all levels of the problem from the source through its operating and distribution channels.

We have confidentially acted on behalf of numerous business who were concerned about protecting their brand to ensure that the source of their problem was located and measures put in place to reduce the risk of similar problems arising in the future.

Our private investigations are carried out by a team of experts specially engaged to bring the necessary skills for all brand protection contracts. Our personnel and their background as private investigators can be presented to companies looking for brand protection work before they hire the services of Tacet Global.

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