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Private Investigator London

Tacet Global are one of the leading agencies in the UK who can be found after a Google search for private investigator London. We are a UK based agency with a global reach.

Tacet Global are affiliated with the ABI, the Association of British Investigators and the WAD, the World Association of Detectives and can be found after an internet search for private investigator London. In the UK industry there are numerous organisations which advertise under the term private investigator London, but Tacet Global are one of a very select few which are affiliated with both the leading national and international trade associations.

Tacet aim to be the best intelligence agency of all of those who can be found on Google for private investigator London. Tacet Global also offer close protection services which can be found by visiting our dedicated webpage: close protection London

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Our Managing Director

Our Managing Director is also a qualified and experienced private investigator with a background in surveillance, counter surveillance and OSINT.

Our Operatives

Our operatives are some of the best in the UK industry and come from backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and intelligence services such as MI5 and MI6.

The calibre of our operatives are second to none and we are proud to boast having them as part of our team.

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Our Affiliations

See why we're a trusted source for intelligence, investigations and security solutions.

The Association Of British Investigators
The World Association Of Detectives
The Security Institute
The Security Industry Authority

Our Three Assurances

Alongside our company values, Tacet Global offer three assurances to their customers giving them piece of mind they are working with professionals.

Assurance Of Quality

As a result of our affiliations and registrations with the UK and the Worlds leading trade associations, Tacet Global are able to offer the highest possible assurance of our quality and ethics. Joining these associations is not an easy task.

As the UK investigation industry is unlicensed our affiliations offer independent assurances as to the calibre of our work.

Assurance Of Identity

The investigation industry, due to it being unlicensed, can be a murky world for customers. As a result of the affiliations listed above, our Managing Director has been through a rigorous and detailed vetted process ensuring that we are who we say we are.

Therefore our customers know who they are working with and can be assured that they are working with legitimate and verified professionals. 

Assurance Of Accountability

The quality of our work is really important to us. We were only able to join the leading trade associations in the UK due to the calibre of our work and references from people we had worked with. By being members of these associations, our high standards have to not only continue, but match what they expect from their members. Should this not be the case, our clients have an independent third party to go to in order to discuss their concerns.

Our affiliations offer an assurance to our customers that we and our work, is accountable to industry bodies on a national and international level.

Tacet Global have a wide range of operatives not just in the UK, but around the world. Not only this but our operatives are amongst the most highly qualified and experienced in the private sector.

Our operatives come from highly specialist backgrounds in the investigation and security industry. This includes operatives who have worked in units such as counter terrorism for the Metropolitan Police and organisations such as MI5 and MI6.

private investigator London

The affiliation Tacet Global has with the Association of British Investigators and World Association of Detectives separates them from the other agencies in the UK who advertise under the term private investigator London.

These two relationship represent a badge of confidence for our clients who can feel safe in the knowledge that we have met the standards and professional requirements of both the national and international trade associations.

Very few organisations who can be found after a search for private investigator London can match the affiliation of these organisations and the standard of operatives who work for Tacet Global.

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Customers can speak to us in complete confidence by contacting us via the form below or by emailing or calling us.

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