Special Air Service

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Special Air Service

The Special Air Service, otherwise known as the SAS, are the special forces unit of the British Army. Founded in 1941, the unit conducts operations in hostage rescue, covert reconnaissance, counter terrorism and direct action.

Due to the nature of the tasks and operations they are involved with, there is a cloud of secrecy and confidentiality about where they may be operating and what they may be involved in.

However, their reputation is precedes them due to the type of work they undertake and the results of their actions.

The SAS has numerous battle honours from world war two and more recently as part of hostilities in the Falklands, Iran and Afghanistan.

Their notoriety came to public attention after the Iranian Embassy Siege in in London in 1980, where six armed men stormed the Iranian Embassy in South Kensington and took 26 people hostage.

Despite ongoing negotiations and diplomatic pressure being used in an effort to resolve the situation with out the need for force and bloodshed, the decision was made that the hostages had to be freed by.

The SAS were tasked with conducting the operation which last just 17 minute and resulted in the hostages being freed and five of the six gunman being killed. The sixth gunman was impression for life.

The raid was filmed by the world media outside of the location who had been covering the hostage situation since it first started. The footage propelled the SAS onto the world stage due to their heroics and for saving the hostages.

The footage is available to view on YouTube and the participants of the raid have since written books and conducted interviews about their exploits.

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