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Close Protection London – Our People

Close Protection London - Our People

Managing Director: Our Managing Director has an MSc from one of the top universities in World. He is also a member of the Security Institute alongside being a qualified Close Protection Officer after training and qualifying with the leading close protection training company in London.   

Security Consultants: Our security consultants have an incredibly important role in the process of looking after our clients and ensuring that the right levels of security are put in place to match the needs of our clients.

Our security consultants come from the highest levels of the British Army, UK Security Services and Metropolitan Police. 

Close Protection Officers: There are many people in the industry who have the necessary qualifications to work as close protection officers. However, as we aim to offer the highest quality service to our clients and be the leading company for close protection and security services in the UK, our operatives are specially selected to ensure that they meet the standards we expect.  

Background: 95% of CPOs we employ are from prestigious British Military units or from very specific backgrounds within the UK police force. Of those who don’t come from a military or Police background, they will have had either very specific training in certain areas (such as medical or driving) or come highly recommended from trusted sources with in the industry.

Training: Along with the background of the operative, we only take on CPOs who have trained with the most respected and rigorous training providers in the UK. This ensures that the calibre of operative meets the high standards we set in the industry.

Experience: Although all CPOs have to start somewhere, we like to contract operatives who have a significant amount of experience in the security industry or as CPOs in the field. 

Our Standards: The steps detailed above are one of the main reasons as to why we are one of the UK’s leading close protection companies. We take a variety of measures to ensure that not only do we have the best operatives working for us, but that they match the standards expected of them. With a small team of highly experienced and qualified constants who are able to evaluate the necessary security measure for our clients, matched with the operatives who work “on the ground" protecting our clients and their assets, Tacet Global aims to offer the highest calibre service in the United Kingdom. 

Click on the link close protection London for find out more about our services. Close protection London has all necessary information about who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

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